Anxiety is Really Strange


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if you are experiencing anxiety or trying to understand it in others.

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This is one of our absolute favourites – a very short but wide-ranging and thoughtful book about anxiety. It can really help to understand what is happening in mind and body – the nervous system – when you are feeling anxiety. This book gives a great insight with plain language and meaningful illustrations. It considers big and complex ideas, and also practical everyday supports. There’s nothing else like it, apart from Haines’ and Standing’s other brilliant books in the series – also highly recommended!

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Anxiety is Really Strange explains what is happening in the mind and body when people feel anxiety. It deals with the complex mix of factors in plain language and meaningful artwork.

The title does not mean ‘it is strange to have anxiety’. Anxiety is a near-universal, normal human experience. It very likely helped your ancestors to survive. Our present day society and future fears gives ample reasons for it. It’s very common for it to get stuck on high alert and become a health problem. But the causes and effects of anxiety can be unexpected and seemingly strange. Feelings exist outwith logic.

Haines dispenses with the myth that anxiety is ‘all in the mind’ using the latest science that explains the interaction of our mind and body through the nervous system. He is realistic about how dark, difficult and complex things can be, while leaving room for hopefulness and change. The book offers information, compassion and practical advice. We love it.

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Format Paperback
Weight 108 g
Dimensions 232 × 170 × 5 mm
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ISBN 9781848193895

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