How to Build a Healthy Brain


Recommended if you are interested in brain health and neuroscience; a preventative approach to depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions; the interaction between brain and body and the physical factors that influence our mental health.


We think this accessible read is a great introduction to how your physical health affects your mental health. Written by a nutrition-trained psychologist who grew up alongside neurodegenerative illness and mental ill-health, this book is packed with relevant, insightful and useful information. Beginning with the basics on how our brains work, Wilson takes a good look at the key factors in our lives that can adversely (or positively) influence our brain’s health – stress, sleep, nutrition – and where we can make manageable, bitesize changes to improve our prospects when it comes to maintaining that health throughout life. She takes a holistic approach and considers the benefits of mindfulness, knowing our emotions, building resilience, taking breaks from social media and of course, what foods to eat to keep us well. A hugely useful chapter in this book is on how to make these changes stick – including useful checklists for the reader (if they’d like) to tick off, day by day, 3 things they have done to safeguard their health. We highly recommend this as an interesting and informative read as well as something of a self-help guide.

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