It’s All in Your Head: Stories from the Frontline of Psychosomatic Illness


Recommended if you have been diagnosed with psychosomatic illness and would like to know more or to hear others’ experiences, or a loved one is experiencing psychosomatic illness (or you think they might be)


Psychosomatic illness is a tricky subject. As this prize-winning book explains, psychosomatic illness can be difficult to identify, harder to prove and even harder to accept. Society still attaches a heavy stigma to psychosomatic illness. People often think it means the patient is making it up, doing it to themselves, imagining it or they’ve ‘gone mad’… and what’s more – there’s nothing that can be done about it. This book explodes all of those myths.

The physical symptoms of psychosomatic illness are real. However, the cause isn’t found in the nuts and bolts of the body. Instead, the symptoms are an expression of distress, and can often be resolved with psychological support.

This book shares personal stories from real patients, which makes it very readable, accessible and compelling. It is refreshing to read the author’s honesty about her own pre-conceptions when she first became a doctor. She too had believed that these patients had ‘nothing wrong’. She also acknowledges that in the past and in other cultures it was understood as an ailment as real as any other, and the book includes fascinating bits of ancient medical history. O’Sullivan advocates for a return to a more accepting attitude towards psychosomatic illness, which in turn might allow those who are suffering to move forwards.

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