My Body Keeps Your Secrets


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especially if you are grappling with food or body image issues, shame, or the aftermath or abuse or trauma.

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Content note: the book is written by and for survivors, but please go gently with it if it’s likely to activate trauma responses in you


description by Adria Stubbs

Lucia Osborne-Crowley describes My Body Keeps Your Secrets as a polyphonic memoir – a book of many sounds and voices. 

In her first book I Choose Elena the author described the horror of being raped by a stranger at the age of 15 and the long and painful aftermath to this event.  My Body Keeps Your Secrets invites voices from other survivors of traumatic experience and explores some of the consequences to it – including shame, anxiety, depression, alcohol abuse, autoimmune disease (endometriosis, Hashimoto’s Disease), eating disorders and relationship difficulties. 

Osborne-Crowley offers hope in recognising the power of writing, of talking therapy (of not keeping secrets) and of re-learning vulnerability with others as a way of healing. Her intersectional thinking demonstrates a deep empathy towards other people who have experienced trauma – women, non-binary people and women of colour in particular. 

I would recommend this book to those interested in real-life responses to traumatic experience and shedding some of the shame that might surround it. It is in ways a self-help guide for those who wish to reclaim their own bodies.

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Format Paperback
Weight 334 g
Dimensions 213 × 135 × 26 mm
Book Author

ISBN 9781911648130

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