Scattered Minds: The Origins and Healing of Attention Deficit Disorder


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for an alternative to the medical model of ADD/ADHD – to explore the relationship between scattered attention, the social and cultural environment, and a child’s experiences. It’s suitable whether or not you have a formal diagnosis of AD(H)D.

It’s important to note that Maté is not suggesting we regress to finding fault and blaming parents for a child’s difficulties. He is far too smart for that and it’s much more complicated than that. Maté has ADD as do his children, his compassion goes in all directions, and he offers a no blame, win:win scenario for personal, familial and societal health and development.

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Scattered Minds explodes the myth of attention deficit disorder as genetically based – and offers real hope and advice for children and adults who live with the condition. Gabor Mate is a revered physician who specializes in neurology, psychiatry and psychology – and himself has ADD. With wisdom gained through years of medical practice and research, Scattered Minds is a must-read for parents – and for anyone interested how experiences in infancy shape the biology and psychology of the human brain.

Scattered Minds:

  • Demonstrates that ADD is not an inherited illness, but a reversible impairment and developmental delay
  • Explains that in ADD, circuits in the brain whose job is emotional self-regulation and attention control fail to develop in infancy – and why
  • Shows how ‘distractibility’ is the psychological product of life experience
  • Allows parents to understand what makes their ADD children tick, and adults with ADD to gain insights into their emotions and behaviours
  • Expresses optimism about neurological development even in adulthood
  • Presents a programme of how to promote this development in both children and adults

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