So Hormonal: A Collection of Essays on Hormones


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for anyone interested in the role hormones play in health, especially if you or someone you love has had struggles with diagnosis and treatment.

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An innovative collection that shows the incredibly wide-ranging effects hormones have on health, and also the common thread that runs through some very diverse and disparate experiences. Readers may find one essay that closely mirrors a personal experience, and then another that reveals a perspective they never thought of before. In this way, the collection really helps build a picture, a discussion and a new way of understanding how we are interconnected.

Content note: includes accounts of some very difficult experiences, the book introduction flags these up for reader care


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So Hormonal is an innovative collection of essays all on the theme of hormones. This thread links a very diverse mix of lived experiences and perspectives. Each essay stands on its own but together they also build a picture of healthcare inequalities and gaps in research.

There are two very powerful things that can happen while reading. One is to find your own experience reflected on the page, so you realise you are not alone. The other is to find yourself in the shoes of someone who is having a completely different experience to your own. The reader may get both from this book, thanks to the breadth of voices included. The editors do also say:

“Experiences with hormones are unique in a way that cannot be described. Our book is just a glimpse, and cannot and would never claim to cover all experiences. The intersection is what makes these things messy and beautiful.”

The topics range across periods, hormonal contraceptives, fertility, pregnancy, menopause, body building, gender, gender dysphoria, neurodivergence, diabetes, osteoporosis, Addisons disease and more. Inevitably, the personal accounts include some very difficult and painful realities. However, the book has been put together with real care for the readers, with inclusive language, detailed content notes at the start, and places to go for more information and support are included after every essay. The potential for finding common ground and community runs throughout the book.

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