Trauma is Really Strange


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if you are trying to understand the effects of trauma in yourself or in others.

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This is an informative, helpful, practical guide. It includes the latest understanding of the causes and effects of trauma on the mind and body – explained in bitesize pieces of information, with the support of Sophie Standing’s meaningful artwork. The information is helpful in itself, and Steve Haines also sets out the  possibilities for self-healing and getting suitable support. As with all his books, he mixes compassion for how things are, with hope for how things could be.

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This is one of several illuminating books from Steve Haines and Sophie Standing. They convey hugely important and little-known information along with practical options for taking care of oneself and seeking support. In Haines’ words:

The goal of this book is to be a non-scary introduction to trauma. For many people, understanding what the brain is trying to do to protect them helps healing.

Trauma is Really Strange is written for people who are showing signs of trauma – whether you know what caused it or not. This is many (perhaps most) people. It is carefully written and does not dwell on possible causes. The focus is on what is happening in the nervous system – the survival mechanisms that kick in and cause the mind and body to react in certain ways.

Haines shows how you can use your understanding of your nervous system to:

  • allieviate frustration and discover self-compassion for your reactions
  • recognise what is working for you, and what isn’t
  • soothe yourself
  • find appropriate treatment and support
  • deepen your connections and communication with other people.

As with all his books, he offers a mix of compassion for how things are, with hope for how things could be.

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ISBN 9781848192935

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