A Terrible Thing Happened


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for supporting a child who has witnessed violence or traumatic events.

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This clever and compassionate book is particularly useful because it focuses on the child’s feelings, not the  event itself. This means it doesn’t conjure up further unwanted or frightening images, it is relevant in lots of situations, and also models the most useful kind of support for the child.

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This picture book is a little-known gem. It is for a child who has been witness to or part of a traumatic event – there is no mention of any specifics, so it can apply to many situations. It gently shows how after a ‘terrible thing’, difficult feelings can build up and come out in ways we do not mean or like (eg. angry behaviour). The raccoon character gradually learns how to express those feelings in a safe way, and begins a recovery. The book is also smart enough not to suggest that it all just ‘goes away’ – the raccoon feels better by the end, not ‘cured’.

Additional information

Format Paperback
Weight 90 g
Dimensions 203 × 203 × 3 mm
Book Author

ISBN 9781557987013


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