Storm in a Jar


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for a child who is grieving the death of a loved one, especially a grandparent figure.

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A gentle, sensitive, cleverly-told story about grief. The jar metaphor works really well and there is a lot of wisdom and unspoken reassurance and advice for grieving children and families. But it never becomes a book of advice – it stays as a well-told story, which allows the reader to take what they are ready to take from it. It’s really well done.

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Storm in a Jar is a gentle, cleverly-told story about grief. The jar where nana kept sweets becomes the focus for the bottled up feelings Arlo holds after she died. It works really well as a metaphor children can understand and relate to. The simple, eloquent words and meaningful illustrations help make sense of complex, difficult, unseen feelings.

This book would be suitable for most primary-age and maybe some secondary-school age children who are grieving the death of a loved one – especially a grandparent. The story could offer real reassurance and relief to a child who identifies with the Arlo character. It would be a useful conversation-starter, and may spark ideas for starting a positive ritual to honour the person’s memory.

It also depicts a very loving and caring mixed-race family, and Arlo wears a hearing aid, which is incidental to the story but we appreciate it for diversifying representation in children’s books.

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Format Paperback
Weight 204 g
Dimensions 244 × 245 × 4 mm
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ISBN 9781913339111

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