The Colour Monster Pop-Up


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A quick summary

This is a wonderfully entertaining and empathetic pop-up picture book about feelings – great for developing emotion vocabulary and self-awareness. There is also a flat-page version of the same story if you don’t want the pop-up feature.



Our full review

This gorgeous pop-up book is a visual delight and a wonderful, gentle introduction to understanding emotions. The story starts with a cute but grumpy monster who is feeling mixed-up and confused. A friend steps in to help, and together they sort through all the colours (feelings) that have become mixed up. They take each one out, take a good look, and label it to make it easy to recognise. We think this book is a really engaging and fun way to talk about emotions. The colour metaphor works well and is very suitable for most young children (probably not for those who are colour blind – it will not make sense).

If you are worried about wear and tear, there is a flat-page version of the same story, but the pop-up really is lovely.

Additional information

Format Hardback
Weight 710 g
Dimensions 277 × 238 × 27 mm
Book Author

ISBN 9781783703562

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