Grief Works: Stories of Life, Death and Surviving


Recommended if you are feeling afraid of bereavement or death, unsure what to say to someone who is grieving or who is facing the end of their own life, alone in your own grief, or curious about grief counselling.


Very honestly, Julia Samuel tells the reader she felt “frightened and inadequate” in the face of the grief of her first client – a highly relatable, human reaction. But she also found her calling and now, with 25 years of grief counselling experience, she can teach us all how to face it.

Grief Works is fifteen stories of loss, how people dealt with those losses, and Samuel’s role as their counsellor. You can see common threads, and also the breadth of reactions – a mix of personal and universal experience.

Grief Works is also a guide to how to do your own ‘grief work’ and how to help others, including bereaved children.

This book is relevant to everyone – whether the grief is raw, long felt, or still to come. If you are in the early stages and it feels too much to read it all, you can pick out relevant sections – you don’t have to read it cover to cover.

The stories include three people who know they are coming to the ends of their own lives, and Samuel helps makes sense of this too. If it sounds bleak, it’s not – the stories in Grief Works deal with death but the effect is to alleviate fear and replace it with knowledge and tools for life. It is really about living a meaningful life, about empathy and connection to others, about reconciling pain and loss with joy and love.

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