Therapy is Magic


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if you are thinking about getting counselling but want to know more before you get into it, or as a lovely gift for a trainee counsellor.

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publisher’s description:

In this part memoir, part mental health resource and how-to guide, Jo Love throws opens the door of her therapist’s office and shines a light on what exactly goes on in the therapy room. With the help of experts, including her very own therapist, Jo opens a rare window into the real world of therapy, unpicking the magical powers that enabled her to re-find her own voice, restored her resilience through the cloudiest days and ultimately saved her from her own mind.

Each chapter includes:

  • A therapy list where Jo shares her knowledgeable insights into therapy
  • Inspirational voices in the mental health space on the life-changing effects of therapy
  • A ‘From the Other Chair’ section featuring expert opinions from mental health professionals
  • ‘Need Help Now’ suggestions

Therapy is… Magic moves away from the stigma sometimes associated with seeking help, and shines a light on the emotional and physical benefits of talking therapies. Jo Love shows us that with professional guidance we can heal ourselves and the relationships we have, tackle addictions and trauma, and save our minds.

Additional information

Format Hardback
Weight 386 g
Dimensions 222 × 143 × 27 mm
Book Author

ISBN 9781529348439

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