What is Psychotherapy?


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if you are curious about counselling but aren’t sure how it can help, or if you’re wondering what psychotherapy means.

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This book is a short and helpful introduction to psychotherapy – a process that can seem mysterious or scary, and which is often misunderstood. People often have a lot of questions and fears about coming to counselling – what actually is it, how does it work, what will we talk about, is it good use of my time or money, is it for me… Understanding more about what it is can help you work out whether you want to try it and how to get the most out of it.

Content note: the book contains passing references to sexual assault and suicidality. 

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Counselling might seem daunting, or mysterious, or even pointless – any number of things – before you begin. It can be difficult to overcome these concerns and dive into therapy, without knowing more about it. Will it even be worth all that time and money? What do psychotherapists do? How can you expect to feel after talking with a therapist? Will it help?

This short introductory guide gives the reader a taste of what psychotherapy is about. It begins with an exploration of how childhood experiences affect us as adults. It explains that anyone could benefit from therapy, how to tell when you need it, and why the therapeutic relationship can be helpful. The School of Life gives a realistic view of what someone can gain from therapy – that they might feel a little better – quite rightly not suggesting it’s a magic wand. The book ends with uplifting case studies of clients whose lives were changed through therapy.

The book is poetic in style, rather than a practical ‘how to’ guide, but this makes it an easy and enjoyable read and a unique insight into what happens inside the counselling room.

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