Why Therapy Works


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for counsellors and trainees, for anyone thinking about becoming a counsellor, and if you would like to know much more about what is going on before you try counselling.

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A very interesting book that looks at what is happening in the mind during the counselling process. The book came about because a client once asked Louis Cozolino why his therapy worked – not just wanting assurance that it did, but wanting to know about the precise mechanism behind it. Cozolino realised that despite being a fully trained and well-established therapist, he didn’t have a good answer to that question, and so he began to research and write this book. Not everyone wants to dig into the ‘why’ and you don’t need to – it still works – but if you like to get behind the magician’s cloth, this is a great read.


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That psychotherapy works is a basic assumption of anyone who sees a therapist. But why does it work? And why does it matter that we understand how it works? In Why Therapy Works, Louis Cozolino explains the mechanisms of psychotherapeutic change from the bottom up, beginning with the brain, and how brains have evolved-especially how brains evolved to learn, unlearn and relearn, which is at the basis of lasting psychological change. Readers will learn why therapists have to look beyond just words, diagnoses and presenting problems to the inner histories of their clients in order to discover paths to positive change.

The book also shows how our brains have evolved into social organs and how our interpersonal lives are a source of both pain and power. Readers will explore with Cozolino how our brains are programmed to connect in intimate relationships and come to understand the debilitating effects of anxiety, stress and trauma. Finally, the book will lead to an understanding of the power of story and narratives for fostering self-regulation, neural integration and positive change.

Always, the focus of the book is in understanding underlying therapeutic change, moving beyond the particular of specific forms of therapy to the commonalities of human evolution, biology and experience. This book is for anyone who has experienced the benefits of therapy and wondered how it worked. It is for anyone thinking about whether therapy is right for them, and it is for anyone who has looked within themselves and marvelled at people’s ability to experience profound transformation.

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