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if you are searching for connection, looking for an outlet or a way to express yourself, missing kindred spirits.

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An inspiring, encouraging book about how creativity connects us to ourselves and to others – and how we can awaken it in everyday life. This is a book for everyone, maybe especially if you don’t think you are creative – Kae Tempest will make you see yourself in a whole new light!

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Kae Tempest’s brilliant On Connection looks at how to create deeper connections though creativity. Tempest offers a wide, inclusive, active definition of creativity:

“… any act of love. Any act of making. It is usually applied to art-making, but it can also be applied to anything you do that requires your focus, skill and ingenuity.”

Tempest also discusses how it feels to be numb and disconnected. This is empathetic – it comes from having been there. And they offer a way forward:

When I am numb, how can I make myself connected? I can’t. But I can try to create an environment that is welcoming for connection if it should turn up.

On Connection is an urgent call, written with beauty and clarity, and bang up-to-date as it discusses the impact of the loss of physical connection during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

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Format Paperback
Weight 110 g
Dimensions 177 × 113 × 23 mm
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ISBN 9780571370436

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