Staring at the Park


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as a unique enquiry into the question of ‘who am I’ in the aftermath of a life-changing stroke, into the idea of recovery, and into the shifting nature of perception – for those who like to dig into existential questions and the workings of the psyche.

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A fragmented, poetic, shifting and challenging piece of self-reflection and re-framing, made following a stroke that affected Speedy’s use of language and sense of identity. A totally different kind of ‘recovery story’, and a testament to creativity and the possibilities of reinvention.


Publisher’s description:

Acclaimed qualitative scholar Jane Speedy’s world was upended completely after suffering a severe stroke when only in her late 50s. After returning home from the hospital, Speedy took to her iPad to write and draw as a way of making sense of her experience and to aid her recovery. The stunning, fragmented, poetic text and images comprising Staring at the Park depict the events of this difficult journey. It provides an alternative model of engaging the self in a research project in an evocative and artistic way.

This highly original book:
-uses the seemingly ordinary motif of the park opposite the author’s house as the catalyst for a wildly creative autoethnography;
-includes three narratives of the author’s experience of staring at the park—an imagined murder mystery in the park, a realist ethnography of the park, and the life story (both imagined and real) of her facing her illness and recovery;
-offers readers a poetic and performative inquiry into the author’s new reality.

Additional information

Format Hardback
Weight 454 g
Dimensions 229 × 152 × 25 mm
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ISBN 9781629581224


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