Why We Make Things & Why It Matters


Recommended: If you are interested in the pursuit of crafts as a career; how art brings us fulfilment; how art contributes to society and to ourselves.

Content Warning: Casual references to anti-Semitism, assault, rape.


At its heart this book is Peter Korn’s memoir – detailing his life’s association with carpentry, joinery, and furniture-making and all the things he’s learned along the way. Beginning with a quest to learn the basic skills of woodworking, Korn’s interest grew, and so too did his understanding of what it means to learn a craft. He had thought that learning the skills of a trade would bring him enlightenment, and it would give him a much-needed identity, but instead it opened doors to a wider life, of community, of shared values, creativity, and a sense of fulfilment. His experience culminated in the opening of a successful school to carry on the craft.

Woven throughout his story are reflections on the philosophy of craftsmanship, its contribution to society, how we enjoy art or engage with it and what it adds to our lives.

This is an easy, engaging and personal read and highly recommended for anyone interested in craftsmanship as a career or an interest in how the arts contribute to our lives.

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Format Paperback
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Dimensions 197 × 131 × 13 mm
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ISBN 9781784705060


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