Badger’s Parting Gifts


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for helping children make sense of mortality, and especially of the death of a beloved older person.

A quick summary

A multi-award winning, carefully crafted story that gives children a way of making sense of death and grief.


In Badger’s Parting Gifts, Badger peacefully comes to the end of his long life, and his friends must come to terms with their loss. Each one finds solace and meaning as they realise what Badger meant to them. Happy memories mingle with the sadness.

Stories help children (and adults) make sense of things in a different way to factual information. This book is not a plain facts guide, and we do recommend those types of books as well. Some children may not connect a story about a badger to their own life at all. But for most, a good story is a powerful way for people of all ages to access and process their feelings, relate to others and make sense of their experiences.

This book is probably most suitable for children who are grieving someone who died at the end of a long life. Meaning-making can be harder with the sudden death of a younger person, and emotions such as anger may run higher. But when it fits the situation, this is one of the best stories ever written for young children about life and death.

Additional information

Format Paperback
Weight 198 g
Dimensions 271 × 229 × 4 mm
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ISBN 9781849395144

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