I Miss You : A First Look at Death


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if you are unsure what to tell a young child about death, or how to help a grieving child.

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This book is written by a psychotherapist and gives young children a gentle, supportive guide to the thoughts, feelings and questions they may have when someone dies. It might feel hard to talk about a bereavement with a young child, and Pat Thomas gives support and reassurance on how to do this. It is a great help for this difficult, important task.


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It can be particularly difficult to talk to young children about death and grief. Adults may feel they need to be protected from the truth, or that they are so young they won’t really feel it. However, mental health experts agree even the youngest children need the truth, and that they will grieve their loss, even if it doesn’t show in obvious ways.

I Miss You offers young children a reassuring guide to the thoughts, feelings and questions they may have when someone dies. It uses gentle but plain language, takes account of different circumstances and religious beliefs, and invites discussion.

This is a book to keep and revisit. Young children need to come back to the topic repeatedly, especially as they reach new developmental stages and their understanding changes. Once they outgrow it, Let’s Talk About When Someone Dies, by Molly Potter, would be a suitable next step.

I Miss You is based on Pat Thomas’ expertise as a psychotherapist, and she includes a guide for adults, and further reading recommendations. Highly recommended for these difficult, necessary conversations.

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Format Paperback
Weight 136 g
Dimensions 210 × 239 × 3 mm
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ISBN 9780750260824

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