Let’s Talk About When Someone Dies


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if you are unsure what to tell a child about death, or you want to help a grieving child.

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Many people feel children should be shielded from the truth about death, especially when they are very young, or the truth is very hard to bear. However, the evidence is they fare much better when they get to have open, honest conversations about it from the very start. Many children naturally ask questions about mortality, and this book will help adults to answer them. It is even more important if the child has experienced a bereavement, and this book is a really supportive resource to help grieving adults to help grieving children.


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Mental health experts recommend being honest and open with children who have experienced the death of a loved one, or who have questions about death, but it can be very hard for adults to do this.

You may feel unsure what to say, the truth may feel too sad, and a child who has lost a loved one may not seem particularly distressed. However, grief in children doesn’t look the same as it does in adults, and children often do not ask their questions until an adult shows they are willing to talk about this subject.

Let’s Talk About When Someone Dies is an absolutely matter-of-fact book you could use with any pre-teen children (picking bits out for the youngest ones). It is a model of using straightforward language to talk about death, and a way to answer children’s questions or to encourage them to ask what they need to know. It is also a guide to helping grieving children – it includes suggestions of meaningful activities that can help children deal with difficult feelings, and guidance notes for adults, such as:

“Let the child ask as many questions as they want. If you’re unable to answer their questions because you’re too upset, reassure the child and tell them that you’ll tell them everything in due course… Try not to fabricate softer answers as you may well lose their trust”

It’s really useful and we highly recommend it to support these difficult, necessary conversations.

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