When it is Darkest: Why People Die By Suicide and What We Can Do To Prevent It


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if you have been bereaved by suicide, or if you worry whether you or someone you love will die by suicide, or if you are working in any kind of mental health support role.

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Rory O’Connor is an international expert in suicide prevention, and has devoted his career to studying suicide in hopes of improving care and saving lives. He has written this book to get his work out of the academic papers where it is usually available, and into the hands of people who are affected by suicide in their everyday lives. Tragically, suicide is among the top 20 leading causes of death worldwide. O’Connor himself has been bereaved by suicide twice, and he shares the personal feelings of guilt and self-reproach that may be familiar to many other grieving people. The book is a mix of the current understanding on what causes suicide and what helps prevent it, plus the personal stories of those who have felt suicidal and survived, and those who have been bereaved. The hope is that it will help anyone understand the darkest place.


Publisher’s description

‘Read this incredible book. I wept and I learnt’ (Prof Tanya Byron)

‘This book comes from the heart’ (Roman Kemp)

When you are faced with the unthinkable, this is the book you can turn to. Suicide is baffling and devastating in equal measures, and it can affect any one of us: one person dies by suicide every 40 seconds.

Yet despite the scale of the devastation, for family members and friends, suicide is still poorly understood. Drawing on decades of work in the field of suicide prevention and research, and having been bereaved by suicide twice, Professor O’Connor is here to help. This book will untangle the complex reasons behind suicide and dispel any unhelpful myths.

For those trying to help someone vulnerable, it will provide indispensable advice on communication, stressing the importance of listening to fears and anxieties without judgment. And for those who are struggling to get through the tragedy of suicide, it will help you find strength in the darkest of places.

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