Hold on to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More than Peers


Recommended if you are feeling lost or frustrated at parenting a teenager who may seem distant, defiant and you want to understand what could be going on.


This book takes an in-depth, sometimes confronting, look at the societal forces creating a situation familiar to many parents – their now teenaged children are secretive, defiant, and distant, spending more and more time online or with their peers. With Attachment Theory at its core Neufeld and Maté consider why this happens and explain the consequences of this separation. It is highly insightful and will give the reader a much greater understanding of why teenagers separate from their parents in sometimes distressing ways.

The final third of the book is dedicated to practical advice on how to rebuild connections with your children and invite them back into family life where they may continue their peer relationships with the safety and support of their family behind them. It offers guidance in a way that leaves the reader feeling they are in expert hands, but also empowered to do something for themselves and their families, to hold on to their kids.

“Parenting requires a context to be effective… . As a culture and as individuals we have, unwittingly, allowed peer orientation to erode that context… . It is time to restore it…. . The good news is that nature – our nature – tells us how to do that”.

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