I Am Not Your Baby Mother


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for any Black parent or soon-to-be parent, and also for anyone who cares about race, class and gender inequalities in society.

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Candice Brathwaite throws light on the personal and the systemic issues for Black families in this insightful book. She tears apart every stereotype – everything that limits Black women in the term ‘baby mother’, everything that sells Black men short as partners and fathers. She ranges across the inequalities in healthcare, the bias in marketing and the media, the intersections of class and race, and the misconceptions that abound between generations and cultures, all the while maintaining whipsmart humour and abiding love for her family.


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Candice Brathwaite started blogging about motherhood in 2016 after making the simple but powerful observation that the way motherhood is portrayed in the British media is wholly unrepresentative of our society at large. The result is this thought-provoking, urgent and inspirational guide to life as a Black mother. It explores the various stages in between pregnancy and waving your child off at the gates of primary school, while facing hurdles such as white privilege, racial micro-aggression and unconscious bias at every point.

Brathwaite does so with her trademark sense of humour and refreshing straight-talking, and the result is a call-to-arms that will allow mums like her to take control, scrapping the parenting rulebook to mother their own way.

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Format Paperback
Weight 174 g
Dimensions 195 × 129 × 25 mm
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ISBN 9781529406283

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