Mum’s Not The Word – Childless, Childfree


Recommended: For anyone who would benefit from reading personal experiences of being childless, or childfree; anyone struggling with being childless and seeking community; anyone interested in social constructs of womanhood and motherhood.


This book is a powerful collection of nude photographs of women who are childless or childfree. Alongside each picture, each person has given their story. Some are painful stories of loss, regret and grief. Others are stories of positivity, hope and freedom in defining oneself as childfree. Each story confronts society’s unspoken rule that womanhood equals motherhood, and loudly and poignantly declares that this is not the case. This book is for anyone interested in (or who would benefit from hearing) personal experiences of childlessness or being child free.

Additional information

Format Hardback
Weight 866 g
Dimensions 305 × 207 × 16 mm
Book Author

ISBN 9781787113701


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