No Drama Discipline: The Whole Brain Way to Calm the Chaos and Nuture Your Child’s Developing Mind


Recommended for: anyone struggling with a relationship with a child; struggling to maintain boundaries as a parent; struggling with managing a child’s behaviour; feeling dissatisfied with how you are managing discipline at the moment.


This book is a must-read for both new and experienced parents.

Taking the ‘whole-brain’ approach to understanding children, this book invites us to reconsider what we really mean by discipline and what we are really trying to achieve. It takes the reader through familiar scenarios – a child misbehaving and an adult reacting – and asks us to consider what is really going on here. What are our children actually feeling – or communicating – when they misbehave? How can we respond in a way that helps them in the moment, and helps us as parents, to understand and support them to become responsible, empathetic and insightful adults?

This is a very accessible read, providing just enough neuroscience to give the nuts and bolts of brain development, and plenty of practical advice on what to say and do in the heat of a difficult moment. It advocates for boundaries and structure, in balance with curiosity about our children as developing people.

At the core of this book is connection – the thing that all humans seek from the moment they are born – and communication – letting our kids know that we love them no matter what.

“Our relationship to our kids should be central to everything we do. Whether we’re playing with them, talking with them, laughing with them or, yes, disciplining them, we want them to experience at a deep level the full force of our love and affection, whether we’re acknowledging an act of kindness or addressing a misbehaviour”.

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