Nobody Told Me: Poetry and Parenthood


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for parents of babies and young children who are interested in personal experiences of parenting; new parents who may be struggling and seeking some honest reflection on the realities of parenting; anyone interested in memoirs or poetry on the theme of parenting.

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This is a powerful mix of memoir and poetry, radical honesty and ‘real talk’ from Holly McNish – based on her experiences of pregnancy and the first three years of raising her child. She talks about the things nobody talked to her about beforehand, and by doing this, breaks taboos and reaches out to anyone who feels they are alone, perhaps struggling or shocked by the life-altering event of becoming a parent.


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Pregnancy and becoming a parent are huge, life-altering experiences that can affect you in ways you might not expect –  that nobody has mentioned.

Hollie McNish distils the experience perfectly. It is her personal story, so it may not resonate with everyone, but the honesty in her diary-like entries, and the power of her poetry combine to make this a deeply compelling and connecting read.

The book charts her journey from pregnancy to her daughter turning three. It is filled with honest reflections on the physical and emotional realities of these first years. Nobody told Hollie that she would feel embarrassed to tell people she was pregnant. Or that she wouldn’t be able to use toilet paper after birth. Or that, as much as she desperately needs and wants to sleep, her body won’t let her. Or that it’s so, so hard to renegotiate the boundaries of your body when your baby and your partner both need something from it. Or how it feels to sit down and pat your crying toddler’s back in the middle of a busy street.

This is a must-read for any new (ish) parents, particularly those who are struggling, to know they are not alone.

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