We recommended this for anyone who has lost a baby, or babies, during pregnancy, birth or in their baby’s first years, and anyone supporting someone with baby loss.

The loss of a baby is a devastating bereavement – an experience that the author, Zoe Clark-Coates, has personal experience of on, tragically, five occasions. She has written this book to be a light in the dark for other parents facing the same.

Her warmth and compassion come straight from the first page and flow throughout the book. She explores different kinds of baby loss, alongside insights from the president of the Royal College of Midwives – Kathryn Gutteridge, and fertility expert Anya Sizer, but her focus is not medical, it is on the real, human, emotional lived experiences of those who have been through it. She includes stories from parents throughout the book. Some may resonate with the reader, others may not – but her style of writing makes this book easy to move through and focus on the parts that are most relevant. She also includes practical guidance on coping post-loss – the fears you may have, how you may feel about intimacy, returning to work, trying again to have a baby, navigating social media. She explores the realities of coping with life post loss, but she offers this with deep sensitivity and compassion – acknowledging throughout that there is no one right path through your grief.

It ends with ’60 says of support and journaling’– a section that the reader can complete if they wish. Each day includes words of comfort and reassurance, or a thought to focus and reflect on, plus some space to write down your thoughts, and a practical task for the day such as take a shower, or write a letter.

The whole book is a supportive hand through a harrowing time – an essential source of support for those experiencing a loss, or supporting someone who has lost a baby.