Eat To Sleep: What to Eat and When to Eat It for a Good Night’s Sleep – Every Night


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for anyone struggling with sleeping and looking for a whole-lifestyle approach to sleeping better.

A quick summary

This is a good overview of how to make adjustments to your day to enhance the chances of a good night’s sleep. Especially, it’s a lovely guide to foods that can help – including traditional wisdom and contemporary nutritional information. Clear, practical and supportive.


Our full review

There are many reasons why it might be difficult to sleep, and many potential remedies. If you think food is causing issues with your sleep, or could help, then this book is for you.

Eat to Sleep is based on solid research, and starts by going over the biology of sleep – how it works, and why we need it. Meyer looks at the connection between food and sleep, and also some non-food-related habits that can help, such as journaling and meditation.

And then Eat to Sleep has a wonderful A – Z of all the foods that help us sleep. Meyer explains the nutritional values, traditional uses and benefits for each food listed. The book also includes 25 recipes, 3 example meal plans and an example food and sleep log. So, this really does become a practical kit for incorporating diet and lifestyle changes into your routine to get you sleeping at least a little better.

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Format Paperback
Weight 306 g
Dimensions 203 × 153 × 13 mm
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ISBN 9781507210284


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