Fat Is A Feminist Issue


Recommended if you are struggling with disordered eating; interested in the underlying causes of disordered eating; interested in disordered eating and body image amongst women across society


This version of ‘Fat is a feminist issue’ contains book 1 – The Anti-Diet Guide (1978); book 2 – Conquering Compulsive Eating (1982) and an introduction ‘FIFI today’ added in 2016 to bring the book up to date. The introduction opens the book with a monologue on how societal structures reduce women to nothing more than their bodies and creates in them an obsession with thinness. It unpicks what is really going on behind disordered eating and the impact of modern society on our perception of ourselves and our size.

Book 1 looks closely at disordered eating, mostly on compulsive eating, and using the personal stories of clients, Orbach examines what ‘fat’, and ‘thin’ and ‘hunger’ really mean for a person who compulsively eats, how body size may mean something else – what does our size communicate to the rest of the world and what messages do we receive back about it? What emotions may be present when we eat in a disordered way?

Book 3 continues to look at these issues but also includes more practical exercises and considerations for overcoming unhelpful eating habits. There are several psychological exercises at the end of the book that the reader can consider in their own time.

This book is recommended if you have ever wondered about disordered eating and why so many people seem to struggle with it, or maybe you are struggling with this yourself. It’s no replacement for therapy and it is a dense read but it is also accessible and through-provoking providing lots of insight and material for reflection. This book will go a long way to explaining what is really going on behind disordered eating and, most importantly, why diets don’t usually work – it isn’t a personal issue, it’s a social, political and psychological one.

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