Food: The Good Girl’s Drug – How to Stop Using Food to Control Your Feelings


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if you are struggling with disordered eating; struggling with your relationship with food; feeling ‘out of control’ about eating; or experiencing anxiety, depression or distress around body image and eating, particularly as a cis woman.

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This book is relatable and practical. Sunny Sea Gold writes from her experience of binge-eating and recovery, but also from a good basis of research. She offers refreshing honesty, a challenge to some commonly-held beliefs and stereotypes, and a toolbox of strategies to use to gain freedom from disordered eating. We think it is a light in the dark for women who are struggling with their relationship to food.


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In the first section of this book, Gold is radically open and honest about her experience of binge-eating. She also balances her personal story with information about about the bigger picture – looking at how many people struggle with binge eating and the factors that can play a part, including genetics, trauma, inherited beliefs, and economic situation.

Gold then focuses on recovery. You are invited to reflect on your relationship with food, what might really be going on, and the difficulties that come with common pitfalls such as ‘black and white’ thinking. She takes you through triggers, reactions and feelings around food and then offers up strategies you can use to gain freedom from disordered eating and body-hate. With warmth, empathy, and honesty, Gold explains how each one might be useful. At the end of each chapter there is a practical exercise for you to reflect on and start your own healing process.

“In the last few chapters, I talked a lot about things that emotional overeaters and bingers tend to do: Many of us eat in secret, yo-yo diet, isolate, make weird food concoctions, lie about what we eat, even eat out of the trash. Those actions and habits are clearly problematic. But you know what? They aren’t the problem. Emotional overeating, binge eating, and other types of disordered eating aren’t about food at all. Food obsession and weight issues are just a consequence of whatever else you’re really hungry for…. So, if food isn’t the real issue, what is?”

Throughout the book, Gold weaves in stories from women who have struggled with disordered eating. It contains poignant moments of revelation and sage advice from people who have been there before.

This book alone is not the whole solution, and Gold advocates therapy as well, but it’s a starting point. It is good advice offered with compassion. We think it is a light in the dark for women who are struggling with their relationship to food.

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