That Was When People Started To Worry – Young Women and Mental lllness


Recommended: If you are struggling with depression, bipolar disorder, self-harm, anxiety, disordered eating, PTSD or Borderline Personality Disorder and would benefit from reading about others experiences; you support someone with a mental health condition and would like more insight into what it can be like; you are interested in the female experience of mental ill health.

Content Warning: References to rape, self-harm, disordered eating, addiction, abuse.


Nancy Tucker’s book – That Was When People Started To Worry – offers a unique approach to the discussion of mental illness. She takes personal stories from the hundreds of interviews she has collected, from women all over the country, and combines them to create fictional characters that represent each mental illness. Far from being a dry repetition of medical facts, the stories are visceral, packed with emotions, inner thoughts and the raw reality of how it is to live in your own head if you are depressed, anxious, bipolar, self-harming, struggling with an eating disorder. She ends each chapter with a few words on each condition in general and a section titled ‘what I wish I could tell you’. This offers valuable insight and words of wisdom to anyone supporting someone who is suffering.

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