The F*ck It Diet


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if you have a lot of rules about what you should or should not eat that are beginning to dominate your life, if you want to escape from yo-yo dieting, or if you are worried about gaining weight.

A quick summary

The F*ck It Diet is chatty and sweary (obviously), jokey and hyperbolic, without undermining the seriousness of the point. It’s also carefully-researched and based on a successful programme Caroline Dooner runs for ‘chronic dieters’. Dooner absolutely rips into diet culture and the powerful forces behind it. However, she is full of compassion, understanding and care for those it has hurt, and The F*ck It process she proposes has set many people free once and for all from yo-yo dieting and other food restrictions. Just in case it’s not absolutely clear: it’s not a diet.


Publisher’s description:

The anti-diet bible that calls time’s up to poisonous beliefs about food, weight and worth. DIETING DOESN’T WORK Not long term. In fact, our bodies are hardwired against it.

But each time our diets fail, instead of considering that maybe our ridiculously low-carb diet is the problem, we wonder what’s wrong with us. But it’s time we called a spade a spade: Constantly trying to eat the smallest amount possible is a miserable way to live, and it isn’t even working. So f*ck it.

Caroline Dooner tackles the inherent flaws of dieting and diet culture, and offers readers a simple path to healing their physical, emotional, and mental relationship with food. What’s the secret anti-diet? Eat. Whatever you want.

Trust that your body knows what it is doing. Oh, and don’t forget to rest, breathe, and be kind to yourself. Irreverent and empowering, The F*ck It Diet is call to arms for anyone who feels guilt or pain over food, weight, or their body.

It’s time to give up the shame and start thriving. Welcome to the F*ck It Diet. Let’s Eat.

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Format Paperback
Weight 268 g
Dimensions 200 × 130 × 25 mm
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ISBN 9780008339869

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