Cheer Up Love: Adventures In Depression With The Crab of Hate


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if you are experiencing depression and it would help to know that others have been there too, or if you are trying to understand a loved one’s depression, especially if you like a dose of dry Glasgow humour even in the toughest times.

A quick summary

This book is a relatable memoir for people with depression, and it also contains nuggets of practical advice. Susan Calman is speaking from a lifetime of personal experience, with absolute honesty and sincerity, and also, of course, with humour. The book is not about ‘getting over’ her depression, it’s about how she learned to embrace all aspects of herself and become “the most joyous sad person you’ll ever meet”.

Content note: contains references to self-harm, suicide and hospitalisation.

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This is not your usual book about depression – but it’s exactly what you’d hope from comedian a talking about depression. It has some proper laugh out loud moments from Susan Calman’s anecdotes and dry Scottish wit. However, this doesn’t detract from the serious topics the book delves into.

Calman describes her experiences of depression, including self-harm and suicidality, with humour, frankness and, at times, pain. She unpicks with honesty how annoying it is to hear stock phrases (‘it could be worse!’) and her agonising experiences of therapy.

It also contains some nuggets of practical advice such as how to recognise depression, some practical things to do that might help in the moment, and where to go for more professional help if you need it.

This book is highly recommended if you are experiencing depression (or think you might be) and feel it could be helpful to know that others have been where you are.

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