Depression in a Digital Age: The Highs and Lows of Perfectionism


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if you are interested in the impact of the internet on our personal lives and mental health, or as a relatable story, especially for millennials, of growing up with the internet.

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Fiona Thomas’ experiences illustrate both the pitfalls and the strengths of the digital age – especially for mental health and wellbeing. As a child of the 80s, she went through the dizzying change from landline to smartphone in her teens and young adult years, and found some of the worst and the best of it. As so often, a personal story speaks to universal concerns.

Content note: includes her experiences of alcoholism and eating disorder


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Millenials may be uniquely placed to understand the impact of the digital age. The child of the 80s started with a landline phone, and then as a teen and young adult quickly gained access to dial-up internet, blogs, myspace, MSN, social media and smartphones.

Fiona Thomas’s personal story illustrates the impact it has had on her life, career and mental health. Depression in a Digital Age reads as a memoir, beginning with her early internet-free childhood spent drawing and writing and playing creatively in a quiet Scottish village, then studying, and entering the working world. Thomas felt severe imposter syndrome and crippling anxiety. She turned to alcohol first, and then, spurred on by initial success writing a fitness blog, she became obsessed with fitness and weight loss, to the detriment of her health.

However, the internet then became a positive in Thomas’ life. She found support in an online community, which developed into friendships offline as well. Here, the internet helped her to find her voice and to begin to live well with her anxiety.

This book is more than you might expect from the title, and we recommend it for anyone looking for a personal story of an anxious life lived in an increasingly online world.

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