Mad Girl: A Happy Life With a Mixed Up Mind


We recommend this book…

especially if you or someone you know seems to have been sideswiped by anxiety, OCD, depression or addiction issues ‘out of the blue’.

A quick summary

After a comfortable, happy childhood, Bryony Gordon entered her teens and suddenly became very unwell with OCD and depression. This is her story of mental ill-health, some extremely difficult times, and how she learned to break the silence around these issues, and to live well with the ‘madness’.

Content note: includes her experiences of drug and alcohol misuse, disordered eating, intimate partner violence, and miscarriage.


Mad Girl takes us through Bryony Gordon’s life from being a 12-year-old girl who develops OCD and goes through a series of crises and very difficult experiences, to being an adult with a daughter, in a stable relationship, living a full and happy life. She acknowledges that she was living a privileged life before she become unwell. Her OCD seemed to appear out of nowhere, and we feel this is a big part of the book’s value. It can be difficult to understand a mental health problem when everything from the outside seems fine – but it happens.

“It came to me in a dream. I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it did, I promise you. One moment I was a regular twelve-year-old, working out which one of Take That I would marry, praying that I would make the netball A team because the B team would mean another year in social Siberia with my monobrow and the tartan socks my mother insisted I wore to school; the next, I was convinced I was dying of AIDS”.

Gordon’s current state of wellbeing comes after the long struggle with mental ill-health detailed in this book – OCD, depression, disordered eating and substance misuse and some harrowing experiences of intimate partner violence. Her conversational writing style makes it feel as though she is telling her story directly to you. She is witty, relatable, and (sometimes graphically) honest. This book could offer comfort to anyone who feels they are alone in their experience of mental ill-health. Busting through the silence and taboos, Gordon has reached out to talk.

Additional information

Format Paperback
Weight 226 g
Dimensions 197 × 131 × 21 mm
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ISBN 9781472232090


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