The Salt Path


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if you are reeling from a lifeshock and need a tale of survival and transformation, also if you are interested in what it means to be connected to nature.

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(our review – by Kate MacDougall)

A true story with three strands – how easily life can unravel, how deeply we can love, and what it really means to be connected to nature.  Raynor Winn’s (and Moth’s) Salt Path begins when life events bring them to their knees. Age 50, suddenly broke, homeless and, in Moth’s case, very very sick, with nowhere to go, they undertake to walk the South West Coastal Path.

Over the epic, arduous walk, they grieve the loss of their beloved home, Moth’s terminal diagnosis, and their displacement from their land and life. Winn tells a tale of endurance – of the life shocks they have suffered, and of the walk itself. At the edge of society, at the edge of the land, at the limits of their physical bodies, they endure. Then step by literal step, they get stronger and begin to find meaning, connection and a new sense of direction.

Raynor and Moth remain in solidarity with other homeless people throughout the book and beyond. Winn really has something to say about what home means, what it means to belong, and what a compassionate society could do to look after those who fall through the cracks. She also lets us in to see the deep and enduring love she has for her husband, and for the natural world.

Our counsellor Adria Stubbs adds:

You’d be hard pressed not to be moved by the love the author and her partner feel for one-another. If you’re looking for ways to unify a painful sense of loss with the joy and wonder of love then this is a good starting point.

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Dimensions 196 × 128 × 27 mm
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ISBN 9781405937184

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