We Have Always Been Here


Recommended:  For anyone interested in LGBTQIA+ experiences particularly in the Muslim community; those interested in the life and work of Samra Habib – noted photographer, writer and activist.

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This book is an enlightening memoir from photographer, writer and activist Samra Habib. It begins with her early life in Pakistan, covering her experiences at home and school; living amidst a warzone; coping with (and escaping) an arranged marriage and her eventual immigration to Canada. It describes a bleak picture of how life was planned out for Samra and how none of it would fit with her as a queer person. Once in Canada, Samra began to experiment with finding her identity, eventually travelling the world and discovering whole communities where she could truly be herself. This book is about transformative change, for herself and her family, and her ultimate successes as a writer and activist as she shines a light on queer experiences in the Muslim community. An engaging and informative read for anyone interested in LGBTQIA+ experiences.

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Format Paperback
Weight 172 g
Dimensions 197 × 130 × 14 mm
ISBN 9781529404869


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