How to Survive the End of the World (When it’s in Your Own Head)


We recommend this…

for anyone experiencing anxiety and panic, or if you’re concerned for someone you love; especially if you appreciate a sweary, jokey approach.

A quick summary

This is a relatable, funny-but-serious book based on Aaron Gillies’ personal experience of anxiety, depression and panic attacks. It’s an arm round the shoulder from someone who knows how it is – and can offer reassurance and good advice.

Content note: contains references to self-harm and suicide. These are flagged in the book.


Our full review

How to Survive the End of the World is a wonderfully honest, insightful and witty book. It is written in an easy, conversational style and is funny while dealing with the serious realities.

Aaron Gillies has taken what he has learned from his experience of mental ill-health to create this survival guide.

Each chapter looks at managing anxiety in specific situations, such as waking up, being at work, socialising and relationships. He also talks about self-harm and suicide – which he flags in advance so you can choose to skip those bits.

The end of the book focuses on recovery. Gillies discusses the stigma around mental ill-health and offers good advice on how to deal with this in your life. He invites you to re-think how you see yourself – to recognise the strength it takes to get through each day. He discusses options that can help, including medication and therapy.

We highly recommend this book if you think you may have anxiety and are looking for an accessible way to understand what’s going on and what may help.


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Format Paperback
Weight 210 g
Dimensions 196 × 129 × 19 mm
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ISBN 9781473659711


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