This Book Will Change Your Mind About Mental Health : A Journey Into The Heartland Of Psychiatry


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for anyone interested in the current state of mental health services, especially psychiatry and the use of psychiatric drugs, and for anyone willing to learn more and perhaps question commonly-held beliefs about acute mental ill-health.

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In this book Nathan Filer brings together his experience as a psychiatric nurse, his talent as a writer, and his compassion as a human being. It’s a superb combination, and this book is a really important, illuminating contribution to the national conversation about psychiatry, psychiatric drugs, talking therapies and how best to help people experiencing a mental health crisis. We wholeheartedly recommend it – with a word of caution if the topics are very raw to you at the moment.

Content note: includes descriptions of psychiatric treatments for acute episodes of psychosis, debate about psychiatric drugs uses and side effects, and references to suicidality. Please go very gently if these could be triggering for you.

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In This Book Will Change Your Mind About Mental Health, Nathan Filer, psychiatric nurse and author, explains  the debates about psychiatric diagnosis and treatment (especially for schizophrenia), and what this means for people’s lives.

If the topic is very raw and personal to you, go gently with it. It could help to read it with someone else, or in short sections, and to talk to someone about how you feel.

If it’s not so personal to you, please just dive straight into it – it is genuinely illuminating, important, and relevant to everyone. It’s also a good read – the topic is serious, but Filer’s writing is witty and direct and accessible. He covers complex issues without making it complicated.

He also puts human dignity and compassion at the heart of it.

“In debates characterised by increasingly polarised positions, we’ll attempt the more revolutionary approach of trying to keep an open mind. In this way, I hope we’ll untangle a few of the more pernicious myths and stereotypes… [and also] arrive at some clarity about our own mental wellbeing and that of others.”

This is the most compassionate, gentle, carefully-considered book that could change not just your mind but our society. We think the more people who read this book, the better things will be for everyone.

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