Birds Art Life Death: The Art of Noticing the Small and Significant


Recommended if you are: feeling a bit lost, overwhelmed or too busy; facing fears of ageing and mortality; feeling vulnerable or anxious about change in your own life, your family, or in the climate.


This gentle and poetic book is part memoir and part philosophical reflection on some of the big themes of life – freedom, smallness, loss, grief, the equivalent pain of both waiting and constantly rushing through life. Kyo Maclear tells her story through a gentle, undulating text, separated into paragraphs, dotted with tiny, neat summaries and peppered with lovely illustrations along with, of course, some interesting facts about birds. It has an agricultural feel as it takes the reader through, Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn and back around to Winter. It chronicles her experience of dealing with her father’s illness as she simultaneously builds a connection with ‘the musician’ – a person who is never named, but who introduces Kyo to the art of bird watching in the middle of a city. This new activity is where Kyo learns to find some stillness, patience, joy, and reflects on what it means to be a person, and the impact we actually all have on our world. It hits a very personal tone and may help to guide a reader back to somewhere more grounded, if they happen to find themselves lost in a chaotic world.

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Format Paperback
Weight 242 g
Dimensions 199 × 131 × 20 mm
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ISBN 9780008225049


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