Eight Master Lessons of Nature


Recommended if you are feeling worried about the future; disconnected from nature; or sad or conflicted about the changes we need to make to address the climate crisis.


Sometimes, being ‘environmentally friendly’ is painted as a bleak picture – all sacrifice and giving things up and living on meagre rations and scare resources. Sometimes, there doesn’t even seem to be space for humans in the picture at all. But Gary Fergson paints a completely different picture – one of belonging, connection and abundance. He brings together the latest Western science, which is now understanding evolution not as an ever-narrowing competition but as a mutually strengthening web of interdependence, with the wisdom of traditional Eastern and Indigenous teachings, art, philosophy and his own experience.

“Curiously, while we often think of science as all about answers, the science of today is very much about living with questions. For the first time, a large body of research is illuminating the fact that our world arises from a sprawling, highly dynamic set of rhythms and relationships.”

This book can reignite wonder and hope. It does not pretend all is well with the natural world, but it places us securely back within it, and shows we have nothing to lose and everything to gain by this.

Content note: one chapter is about the masculine-feminine balance in nature. The author does mostly conflate this with ‘men’ and ‘women’ – we question that and see these as characteristics brought by individuals in any/all genders.

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