Happy: Finding joy in every day and letting go of perfect


Recommended if you are dissatisfied or out of balance with life; feeling insecure or ‘too busy’; regularly feeling down


We understand that modern life is hectic and can leave us feeling out of balance or unhappy. As Fearne puts it, “in this day and age, it is very difficult to NOT burn out” – a sentiment with which we can relate.

Fearne’s book, ‘Happy’, explores the possibility of finding happiness in every-day life. It feels like a lovely chat with a good friend as she takes us through her experiences of depression and how she has worked to find happiness in amongst her busy life. It is filled with warmth and honest reflections about herself – many of which will resonate with the reader – and practical advice that she’s found helpful on her journey.

It takes us through different areas of personal happiness – your external self, your mind, body, heart and family. It is filled with interviews and short exercises you can do yourself, designed to prompt self-reflection on what your own happiness looks like, how you can achieve it and how in-balance your life feels right now.

This book is highly recommended if you are feeling dissatisfied with life as it currently is and are seeking to restore some happiness.

“I’ll feel happy yet exhausted and so ready for a night sleep in my old T-shirt and big pants. Just one look at Instagram won’t hurt… will it?… Therein lies the deathly vacuum of comparison and self-loathing. The little voice starts off quietly: ‘I never bother going out any more, I am no fun at all. Look at my awful pyjamas that aren’t even pyjamas. Everyone else is out there having a blast and they have the energy to do it. I am pathetic, here in bed at nine thirty on a Friday night’. You scroll further down and see a famous face looking incredible in a bikini on a beach, eating a burger. The voice starts again … ‘AS IF SHES EATING A BURGER! She has abs like corrugated iron. And… oh dear… look at my mum-gut. It looks like a deflated balloon the day after a party. I really should have gone to the gym tonight instead of reading Vogue. This weather is so awful too, why don’t I live I a sunny climate where I can wear kaftans rather than duffle coats for ten months of the year… unbearable’. You are thrown between comparison and judgement, self-destructively swinging from one to the other. Why don’t we all look at these moments of other people’s lives and see them as fantasy, like we do when we watch a film at the cinema? Plus, those gorgeous people at the party may just have had the most awful day…. . Who knows… it was a moment. It passed and it should hold no other significance other than: it happened’.

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