Nature Cure


Recommended if you are interested in the connection between nature and mental health; interested in others experience of the natural world; feeling reflective about your own experiences of walking in nature and its impact on your wellbeing.


Mabey was already an established nature-writer when he began to experience a deep depression. He had been caring for his mother, and then, bereaved, he sold his family home and moved to Norfolk. Here he began to re-establish his connection with nature, and slowly begin his recovery.

A lover of the land and his home in the Chilterns, Mabey’s depression manifested, in one way, as a disconnection from nature – a loss of feeling about it; an inability to notice the small changes that go by year on year. This book, in his own words, is ‘a record of how things turn out during that first year’.

In many ways this book reads like a diary. It is comprised of short passages that reflect on the environment, Mabey’s past, and the historical human connection with nature. He gives the reader beautiful descriptions of the surrounding world with a rolling, agricultural feel. The whole book is calm. It often feels solitary or poetic and it is complemented by well-chosen quotes that begin each chapter.

It is important to note that this is not a self-help guide or an explanation of how nature can help us feel better, but it is a moving personal story of Mabey’s experience of depression and how, with the help of friends, he began to rebuild his relationship with nature, to notice it again, and slowly to recover.

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