Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times


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if you have a hard time allowing yourself to stop and rest, maybe also if you find Winter a difficult season.

A quick summary

Wintering is a defence of rest – of the need to recharge and regenerate. Katherine May makes a convincing case for balancing busyness and activity with times of lying fallow. It’s a vital antidote to a culture that values ‘productivity’ but doesn’t factor in the resources this takes. In Wintering, May shows how we can reconnect to a more seasonal, cyclical way of living, increasing our resilience in difficult times.


Our review (by Adria Stubbs)

Reading this book felt like such an appropriate way to spend time in the depths of the winter. Not too long or verbose, not too challenging or too artless, but earthly, relaxing and full of interesting snippets of information.

The book is a memoir and in parts a health and wellbeing guide. It could also be placed, though less obviously so, in the travel or nature sections of the shop because the author takes a wide look at the kinds of things that happen when people (and animals) can’t go outside: from Finland to Iceland, bees to dormice. But importantly this book looks beyond the physical and at wintering as a thing humans may do in retreat or times of trouble. It helps dispel some of the more negative images attached to this deeply psychological need, taking a perspective of necessary and valuable rest. If this is what you need, or if you’re feeling soulful or just curious about the world, I would recommend this book.

Additional information

Format Paperback
Weight 204 g
Dimensions 196 × 127 × 22 mm
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ISBN 9781846045998

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