some of our top picks and go-to recommendations from across the categories


some of our top picks and go-to recommendations from across the categories

Self in Society

social wellbeing, neurovidersity, (dis)ability, ageing, race and anti-racism, LGBTQIA+ wellbeing, climate change, technology…

Wellbeing & Personal Development

self-compassion, positive habits, goal-setting, motivation, mind management, happiness & fulfilment

Children’s Books

picture books to support children with early emotional development & difficult life events

Tweens & Teens

puberty, the teenage brain, resilience, mental health & social concerns

Brain, Body & Behaviour

psychology, neuroscience, psychosomatic (mind-body) connection, body system development & trauma

Sex & Relationships

(all sexualities) better communication & better sex, repairing relationship issues, separation and divorce, single life

Work & Money

finding fulfilling work, developing confidence & skills at work, alternative ideas about work, money & wellbeing

Pregnancy & Parenting

(all kinds of family) parenting advice for healthy development & resilience, challenges of pregnancy & parenting, post-natal depression

Death, Loss & Grief

grief from bereavement (including miscarriage), preparing for death, end of life care, finding meaning in facing mortality


shared stories of adversity, recovery, healing, transformation, reconciliation & meaning-making

Mental Ill-Health

addiction, anxiety, depression, trauma & other states of mental ill-health (whether ‘labelled’ or not)

Counselling & Psychotherapy

guides to what counselling is and how it works, plus textbooks for counsellors

Food, Eating & Body Image

body image, escaping diet culture, cooking & eating for wellbeing, overcoming eating disorders


insomnia, sleep hygiene, bedtime stories for grown ups as well as children


special collections, plus some classics and standout contemporary poets


reading & writing for wellbeing, journaling, therapeutic making, playfulness and overcoming blocks

Nature, Mindfulness & Calm

re-connecting with nature for health, natural calm, secular mindfulness, traditional meditation and yoga

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