A Guide to Eco-Anxiety


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if you are feeling anxiety about climate change, or if you are wondering why you can’t focus on it for long or do anything about it, even when you feel you ‘should’.

A quick summary

This is a short, readable, practical guide for anyone who is grappling with questions and fears about climate change. It includes how to do deal with potentially overwhelming feelings of fear and grief when you face the reality. It also looks at denial, and how early experiences affect people’s reactions to the situation. It then gives an introduction to taking meaningful, effective action – showing how this can support both your mental health and planetary wellbeing.


How can we protect our world and safeguard our own mental health at the same time?

Anxiety about the future is growing, with fears about the climate crisis front and centre. A Guide to Ec0-Anxiety is a readable and insightful book, written by psychotherapist Anouchka Grose. Grose discusses the fears about the crisis that faces us all, and offers useful perspectives to help us understand, manage and harness our feelings.

There’s useful, clear advice on anxiety in general. It covers grief about the losses involved in environmental destruction. It also looks at the way our own past experiences may impact how we respond to climate change, and how to understand climate change denial.

The book aims to support meaningful, effective action as an antidote to despair or paralysis. It includes how to talk to children about climate issues and practical changes we can make in our everyday lives. However, it clearly locates the issue as a global and collective one, so doesn’t fall into the trap of laying all the responsibility at the door of the individual. It’s bang up-to-date, including coverage of the Covid pandemic and its links to the ecological situation. Grose discusses political movements and activism alongside psychology – managing to get Freud and Extinction Rebellion into the same sentence.

We highly recommend this short guide to help you understand more about the human psychology that drives our behaviour, the feelings you might be dealing with, and ideas about how to move forward with purpose.

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