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for anyone interested in developing or supporting campaigns to improve men’s mental health and wellbeing.

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Tom Chapman tells the story of how he started the Lion’s Barber Collective – an international movement of barbers  skilling themselves and others to have meaningful conversations that improve mental health and help prevent suicide. The books tells his personal story of a secure childhood and relatable young adult misadventures – and the shock and grief losing a friend to suicide. This loss moved Chapman to act and rally other barbers to act as well. It’s a heart-on-sleeve, highs and lows memoir, with plenty of lessons for anyone wanting to make a difference.

Content note: contains references to suicide and suicidal thoughts.


Publisher’s description:

Up to a certain age, Tom Chapman rarely had any reason to worry about his – or anyone else’s – mental health. Aside from a bout of loneliness when his friends left town to go to university, he didn’t struggle too badly with his emotions either. But when he suddenly lost a friend to suicide, Tom knew that he wanted to do something to change the culture around men’s mental health.

Through his work as a barber, he recognised how important it was to encourage men to talk to each other. He knew that if he could just help men to open up, then perhaps he could save lives. And so the ‘Lions Barber Collective’ was born: an international group of top barbers, all of which came together to encourage conversation and help raise awareness for the prevention of suicide.

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