Gender: A Graphic Guide


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if you are looking for an up-to-date guide to gender and gender terminology.

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Meg-John Barker is a shop favourite because they balance big ideas with everyday, down-to-earth, relatable advice. Gender: A Graphic Guide deals with big concepts and terminology, in quite a lot of detail, but always brings it back to real, relatable, human terms. It offers a way out of the ‘culture wars’ and into a world that embraces the spectrum of human experience, and sees the common humanity.

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This graphic guide to gender is a wonderfully informative and straight-talking book. As it says on the tin, each page contains an insightful graphic alongside a bite-sized piece of written information, making it clear to the reader how the theory applies to every-day life. It walks us through a history of gender and feminism and dives into explorations of masculinity, femininity, non-binary and trans-identities. The language is reasoned, accessible and never condescending.

This book expresses its opinion on the importance of kindness and the validity of all identities (and occasionally on other topics) but primarily it is informational and it will give any reader a solid foundation for understanding what we mean by gender and how it is talked about today. If you’re feeling a little lost on this subject, or perhaps love someone who is expressing their identity in a way that’s new to you, this book will shine a light on what it’s all about. Equally, if you’re already very well-informed but would like to know more about the history of human identities – there’s something in here for you too!

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ISBN 9781785784521


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