Me And White Supremacy: A Guided Journal


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for every white person who wants to make a positive difference.

A quick summary

The words ‘white supremacy’ are likely to call up feelings of helplessness, guilt or defensiveness in many white people. So many people feel awkward, frightened, angry or confused in discussions about race and racism. And social media doesn’t usually invite the careful consideration or quiet, honest introspection that is needed. It is easy for overwhelm to set in – a situation that is detrimental to everyone. In Me and White Supremacy, Layla F. Saad shows how anyone can make a real difference by working on the one thing you can definitely influence: your own understanding and awareness. This in turn transforms your relationships and your actions, creating a positive ripple effect. This Me and White Supremacy guided journal goes with the book of the same name. The book is a call to action, and the journal supports the reader to take that action. We recommend both.


Publisher’s description…

Recognise Your Privilege, Combat Racism and Change the World with Me and White Supremacy

Layla F. Saad wrote Me and White Supremacy to encourage people who hold white privilege to examine their (often unconscious) racist thoughts and behaviours through a unique, 28-day reflection process. This guided journal, which is to be used in tandem with the book and includes the book’s original weekly prompts and lots of space for note-taking, is the perfect place to continue your antiracism journey.

You will unpack:

* Week One: White Privilege; White Fragility; Tone Policing; White Silence; White Superiority; White Exceptionalism
* Week Two: Color Blindness; Anti-Blackness against Black Women, Black Men, and Black Children; Racist Stereotypes; Cultural Appropriation
* Week Three: White Apathy; White Centering; Tokenism; White Saviorism; Optical Allyship; Being Called Out/Called In
* Week Four: Friends; Family; Values; Losing Privilege; Your Commitments.

Awareness leads to action, and action leads to change. Create the change the world needs by creating change within yourself.

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Dimensions 202 × 140 × 22 mm
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ISBN 9781529413762

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