We recommended this if you feel undereducated in Black British history, unclear why the Movement for Black Lives is needed in the UK, or in need of a boost of energetic anti-racist vision. We especially recommend this book to anyone working in education – the sections on racial bias in schools should be the concern of every educator and policy-maker in the UK.


(by Kate MacDougall)

Natives by Akala is a history lesson we didn’t get in school, a rebuttal of the idea that race isn’t a big issue in the UK, and a sobering but invigorating sweep across the social and political landscape of the UK and countries that were colonised by the British empire.

Although the topic is serious and wide-ranging, the book is pacy and punctuated with dry humour. Akala pieces together history, geopolitics, economics, science, lived experience and pure, unarguable logic. He has a particular knack for highlighting the absurd.

Akala finished the book in 2018, both afraid and hopeful for young people of colour growing up in the UK, and then, as now, making a huge personal contribution to young people’s lives, and to the national conversation.

“The idea that racism will vanish if we just refuse to discuss it is rather fascinating. Imagine for a moment if scientists and engineers thought in this way… There would have been no political, moral, technological, medical, material or mental progress ever in the fragile history of our species if people hadn’t decided to confront difficult problems with dialogue and then action.”

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